Salone Satellite - Milan Design Week 2018

Ringhiera - Man de Milan - Salone satellite Milan Design Week 2018

The ‘Ringhiera’ project was born from the inspiration of houses with interior courtyard form the popular, agricultural Lombard building, known as ‘Case di Ringhiera’. They are characterized with a common balcony with iron railing, from which one can enter in their own home.

Material: Solid wood Walnut and Cedar (zero-km-wood, autochthonous or reclaimed)
Where: Salone Satellite - Salone del Mobile 2018
Year: Milan Design Week 2018
Photograph: Paolo Belletti

Published on: TL Magazine, Intramuros, Design DiffusionNinja Marketing

"The cabinet with doors is characterized of stylized railing, which acts as a handle for the cabinet as well as a shelf for objects."

Zafferano – Man de Milan-en

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