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Uroboro - Alfaterna Marmi




Uroboro Alfaterna Marmi 

For the project "Animals: invisible stories" the designer has chosen to represent a snake with marble. It's refer to the Ouroboros, a very ancient symbol, present in many peoples and in different eras, snake / dragon, circle without beginning or end: metaphor of death and rebirth.


The representation of this snake is made up of discs cut by numerical control and finished by hand joined by an elastic core which thus allows the object to be articulated and follow and support the profile of the books on which it is placed.

Material: Dark Portoro
Where: Edit Napoli 2021
Client: Alfaterna Marmi

Uroboro Alfaterna Marmi

" Ouroboros represents a sort of “memento mori”, but also a symbol of knowledge and the possibility given by it, the only way that could guarantee us a future. "



Uroboro Alfaterna Marmi

The snake, writes Gaston Bachelard, is one of the most important archetypes of the human soul and therefore the most suitable for expressing the cycle between life and death, creation and destruction, with reference to the fact that one day many animal species, including the ours, may no longer be present on this planet, but there may be others as already happened in the past.

Uroboro Alfaterna Marmi

Uroboro Alfaterna Marmi

Alfaterna Marmi - EDIT Napoli

presentation at Edit Napoli 2020

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